Jack Hughes

Head of Digital Forensics and Incident Response - Europe, Unit 42

Jack Hughes is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with a proven track record of conducting corporate forensic investigations and performing cyber incident response engagements in a global context in accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers’ (“ACPO’s”) digital evidence guidelines and National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) frameworks, while managing stakeholder expectations and relationships.

Prior to joining Unit 42, Jack worked at global intelligence and cybersecurity consultancies, where he led the cyber incident response teams, providing reactive and proactive services to clients, including developing exercises for government and corporate organisations, and standardising the tool set used by technical incident responders across EMEA.

In a previous role at an international airline, Jack conducted an investigation into a data breach and successfully identified patient zero, the method of compromise, and the spread vector. He oversaw remediation and developed testing mechanism to ensure that new workstation builds were resistant to reinfection, and that monitoring was in place to ensure new variants could be detected immediately.

Jack began his career in cyber forensics as lead for EMEA and APAC at a large, global automotive manufacturing company, Jack successfully established, installed, configured and managed a cybersecurity forensics lab, enabling all investigations to be carried out internally and in compliance with all regulatory guidelines and legislation. This led to annual budget saving in excess of £100,000. Notably, Jack led an investigation in an active plant environment, successfully identifying gross misconduct that resulted in remedial action, thereby safeguarding the reputation and operational safety of the company.

He specializes in investigating and defending against cybersecurity breaches, managing forensic lab operations, and managing relationships and communicating complex information to nontechnical stakeholders.