Jane Norberg

Partner, Arnold & Porter

Jane Norberg brings to her practice extensive experience as Chief of the Office of the Whistleblower of the Securities and Exchange Commission, only the second person to serve in that position. Ms. Norberg helped build and develop the SEC’s whistleblower program since near its inception.

Ms. Norberg’s practice focuses on advising clients on all facets of whistleblower matters. This includes helping companies navigate complexities related to whistleblower reports and issues of all kinds; counseling companies to proactively assess and mitigate risk; conferring with respect to internal and external investigations; advising on best practices related to retaliation and impeding reporting to regulators; assisting the company in its response and defense to specific whistleblower allegations; and providing crisis management to mitigate reputational risk.

During her tenure at SEC, Ms. Norberg advised the SEC Chairman and the Director of the Division of Enforcement on emerging whistleblower issues and the development of rulemaking and policies, as well as reported to Congress regarding the program’s activities and advised them on whistleblower matters. She joined the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2012 as Deputy Chief of the Office and was appointed to Chief in 2016.

Under her leadership, Ms. Norberg managed an expansion of the Office’s staff and oversaw a record-breaking growth in the number of whistleblower tips received and awards issued to whistleblowers under the program. Ms. Norberg has extensive experience and knowledge regarding whistleblower retaliation and agreements that impede reporting in violation of Exchange Act Rule 21F-17, having directly advised on all whistleblower protection cases brought by the SEC during her tenure. Ms. Norberg had a substantial advisory role related to the amendments to the SEC’s whistleblower rules, and has conferred with and advised other domestic and international regulators related to the development of new whistleblower programs.

Ms. Norberg is a sought after speaker and subject matter expert with respect to whistleblower-related issues and speaks regularly on the topic. 

While at the SEC, Ms. Norberg also co-led a diversity and inclusion initiative across the SEC Division of Enforcement.

Prior to joining the SEC, Ms. Norberg was in private practice, where she focused on executive compensation and employee benefits. She also previously served as a Special Agent in the United States Secret Service.