Jennifer Hull

Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group

Jennifer Hull provides clients with services involving forensic investigations, financial statement analysis, compliance, technical audit and accounting guidance, and damage assessment.

She is a Certified Public Accountant and is Accredited in Business Valuation by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. She has audit experience in numerous entities, including trusts, hedge funds, hedge fund administrators, and insurance companies. She is proficient in internal control standards as well as audit standards issued by the AICPA, PCAOB, and IAASB.

Frequent topics of Ms. Hull’s consulting engagements include damage calculations, estimates of fair value, adherence with stated investment objectives, sufficiency of audit procedures and/or audit evidence, adherence with US GAAP, IFRS, or statutory accounting principles (SAP), the calculation of performance fees, achievement of risk transfer, and adequacy of disclosures.
Ms. Hull testified in the defense of an audit partner whose team audited a hedge fund feeder to Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities (BLMIS). Her scope of testimony included assessment of “red flags” that allegedly should have signaled to the audit partner that he should have performed additional audit procedures, including seeking a service organization control report relating to BLMIS. Her analysis included review of audit programs, work papers, and conclusions in the context of BLMIS’ alleged investment strategy and available information.

Prior to joining a global consulting firm in 2006, Ms. Hull spent four years working for Aon Captive Services Group (ACSG), which was the largest captive insurance management organization in the world. She was based in the Cayman Islands and was responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of captive insurance companies. Her responsibilities included coordinating and executing insurance and reinsurance agreements, directing and analyzing actuarial reviews, maintaining accounting and corporate records, monitoring regulatory compliance, and adhering to the Cayman Islands’ guidelines for the prevention and detection of money laundering. Ms. Hull’s responsibilities also included presenting insurance/reinsurance programs, financial statistics, and domicile information at periodic meetings of each insurance company’s board of directors. Her work required extensive coordination with auditors, lawyers, regulators, insurance brokers, risk managers, and investment managers.

Prior to working for ACSG, Ms. Hull spent four years working for Arthur Andersen LLP in Minneapolis and in the Cayman Islands. She assisted with audits required by regulators or financial institutions for clients in various industries. Her audit clients included a Minneapolis HMO as well as Cayman-domiciled captive insurance companies, banks, hedge funds, and trusts. Her financial investigative assignments included matters involving alleged money laundering and other fraudulent activities.

Ms. Hull earned the Certified Public Accountant designation from the Minnesota Board of Accountancy.