Jerod Alexander

Senior Incident Commander, Uber

Jerod Alexander is a seasoned digital forensics and incident response ("DFIR") professional with 18 years of hands-on experience.

At Uber, Jerod focuses both on leading incident response cases for the highest criticality cyber security events, as well as high level strategy and execution to help mature the Security, Response, and Investigations (“SRI”) program. The work at Uber requires cross-team collaboration to create alignment for goals and efforts for maturity projects, as well as to respond effectively and efficiently to incidents.

Prior to Uber, Jerod spent 17 years as a DFIR consultant with a small number of companies, with the longest tenure at Stroz Friedberg; where a large focus was on incident response for our clients. Jerod is well versed in the life-cycle of Incident Response, and has led dozens of large-scale, high profile matters in many different industry verticals.


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