Mari DeGrazia

Associate Managing Director, Kroll

Mari DeGrazia is an associate managing director in the Cyber Risk practice of Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps, based in the Reston office. Over the course of a 12-year career in the computer industry, Mari has become a leader within the digital forensics community. She has often conducted her work within the context of civil and criminal investigations, collaborating with law enforcement such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC), and U.S. Attorney General’s office on criminal cases, and with law firms on civil litigation matters. In a recent matter, she played a key role in processing and analyzing over 20,000 systems utilizing her own python scripts and methodology to detect indicators of compromise within an environment.

Mari joined Kroll from Verizon Enterprises, where she was Senior Security Consultant with the Research, Investigations, Solutions, Knowledge (RISK) practice, serving as Case Lead on various network intrusion and data breach investigations. Prior to Verizon, Mari was a Computer Forensics Examiner for BitWise Computer Forensics, where she focused on computer and cell phone forensic exams for a wide variety of matters, including intellectual property, harassment, fraud, embezzlement, and malware. During this time, she also delivered training on computer forensics and computer crimes to professional, law enforcement, and legal groups, such as the Arizona Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the Arizona State Bar.

Earlier in her career, Mari served with computer forensics firms and a Big Four accounting firm, as well as her own consultancy.

A strong believer in giving back to the forensic community, Mari has written and released numerous programs/scripts, two of which are used in SANS training. In addition, she has presented her research at several industry conferences, published articles in eForensics Magazine, and was technical editor for Windows Registry Forensics S.E.