Robert Dedman

Partner, King & Spalding

Rob Dedman, former Head of Enforcement at the Bank of England / Prudential Regulation Authority, is a partner in the Special Matters and Government Investigations practice. He has a nearly decade of experience as a senior regulator and represents clients in regulatory, financial crime and white-collar investigations and litigation – often with a cross-border element – as well as advising clients on internal and whistleblowing investigations. Rob also advises clients on the regulatory and other implications arising out of data breaches and cyber incidents, both in the financial services industry and beyond.

Rob assists clients with regulatory, anti-bribery and corruption, cyber and data breach incident response and financial crime issues. He defends corporate and individual clients under investigation by regulatory and criminal authorities, and carries out internal investigations. He also advises clients on compliance matters, including helping them determine the extent to which their policies, procedures, systems and controls comply with regulatory expectations and industry best practice.

Rob also brings with him a senior regulator’s perspective, and advises clients as to how the UK financial services regulators are likely to respond to issues arising in their businesses - before, during and after regulatory and government investigations.

While at the Bank of England, Rob established and led the Enforcement and Litigation Division, the Bank’s first division dedicated to carrying out enforcement investigations. He led the first ever PRA enforcement investigations against firms and Senior Managers, leading to a number of notable results, including the first prohibition of a Chief Executive of a major UK bank.

Rob led the Bank’s enforcement relationships with UK regulators, prosecutors and central government (including the FCA, the FRC, HM Treasury, and the SFO), and with overseas regulators and prosecutors including the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney’s Offices in New York and Boston, the Federal Reserve, the New York Fed, the OCC, and the CFTC.

Prior to joining the Bank, Rob led the legal team at the then-FSA responsible for the changes to legislation that brought about the creation of the FCA and PRA, working closely with stakeholders on the legal and operational implications of the new regime.

Before joining King & Spalding, Rob was a Senior Director of Global Investigations and Compliance at Navigant Consulting.