Stuart Davis

Director of Incident Response and Proactive Services (Europe & Middle East), CrowdStrike

Stuart Davis is CrowdStrike's Director of Incident Response and Proactive Services (Europe & Middle East).

Crowdstrike's Global Incident Response team deal with the most sophisticated and impacting cyber breaches. Advanced cyber threat actors (aka "APT") are constantly growing in sophistication and evolve their TTPs (Tools, Tactics and Procedures). Our mission is to stay ahead of these Threat Actors and limit the damage and exposure to our clients by leveraging the latest cyber threat Intel and toolings.

Proactive Service offerings include (but not limited to):

- Incident Response Retainer to ensure we extend your existing IR capabilities and team.
- Compromise Assessment to assess if you have current or historic cyber threat activity within your network. Hunt for adversaries leveraging our Intel, methodology and proven tooling.
- Cyber Security Maturity Assessment (CSMA) to evaluate your organisations incident readiness.
- Red team / Blue team / Purple Team engagements to help a SOC better home their detect & respond skills, while assessing if your organisation may be vulnerable to an 'APT' level attack. Red team assess if they can successfully gain access to your network and achieve a predefined goal by leveraging the latest adversary tooling while the Blue team defend and respond to the attack, always learning and bettering their IR and hunting skills.