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Securities Docket launched its annual conference, Securities Enforcement Forum, in Washington, D.C. in 2012, and added its West Coast counterpart, Securities Enforcement Forum West, in 2015. Today these two conferences are widely-regarded as the preeminent securities enforcement conferences in the world, bringing together many current and former senior SEC and DOJ officials, leading securities enforcement and white-collar attorneys, in-house counsel and compliance executives, and other top professionals in the field.

Cybersecurity Docket launched its annual conference, Incident Response Forum, in 2016. We launched Incident Response Forum West in 2019, Incident Response Forum Europe in 2020, and Incident Response Forum Ransomware in 2021. All of these events focus solely on the field of Incident Response – the work that begins after a data breach that has quickly become the fastest growing practice area at law firms and consulting firms – and are geared specifically for the legal and compliance professionals who have emerged as critical players during the aftermath of a data security incident.

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