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6 - 5 Key Cyber[security] Issues Impacting the 2022 Corporate Legal Landscape

‐ Apr 14, 2022 1:00pm

StoneTurn Partner Luke Tenery and Skadden Partner Bill Ridgway will discuss the five key cyber (security) issues impacting the 2022 corporate legal landscape, including:

--Expanded enforcement and/or regulator guidance from multiple agencies keeps security and compliance teams on their toes: The FTC, SEC, DoL, and NY State all had new guidance and some of these could probably be bifurcated to identify common themes, including security testing obligations, heightened security standards, board oversight, prompt and detailed reporting of incidents, and scrutiny of ransomware payments and public statements about incidents. We will discuss updates and common themes to regulator guidance to considerations , the recent expansion of reporting obligations (SEC financial reporting, etc.) if an incident has occurred.
--Regulator investigations: We will discuss activities in anticipation of regulator inquiries, audits, or subpoenas, and tactics for handling such inquiries.
--Remediation in the Spotlight: Increasingly stakeholders and regulators keep watch to the key steps performed by organizations that were compromised. We will discuss what constitutes meaningful remediation, and making sure lessons learned are implemented.
--Ransomware still a driving factor: A discussion around the pitfalls, TA end goals, impact, and outcomes
--Targeted Intelligence is a growing trend to navigate the complexities and uncertainties in corporate investigations and response: What are the real time visibility and client issues (knowing the TA IOCs is no longer sufficient, social media for insider issues, etc.)


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