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10 - IP Theft: Unraveling Cyber Threat Intelligence

‐ Nov 1, 2022 1:00pm

The cross-roads between technology and law are becoming more evident through the unfortunate surge of data breaches, ransomware and data exfiltration events that are tied to trade secret, IP and executive level strategy theft year over year. Companies and individuals are being targeted by sophisticated, well-funded hacker and cyber terrorism groups seeking to exploit or extract sensitive and valuable information, while simultaneously, insider threats that are monetizing this material for personal gain are also on the rise.

As opposed to more common data breach matters, which are often executed without consideration for the particular target, these types of incidents arise from specific targeting for specific goals – for example, to view non-public financial information for insider trading, or to steal trade secrets. These incidents require sophisticated and deep investigation across a broad swath of an organization’s systems and data repositories and can often lead to regulatory, litigation or other counter-offensive measures. Unfortunately, these forms of targeted incidents are becoming common events across all industries regardless of company size.

Please join us for this free webcast in which our panel will address these topics and other developments in the digital assets industry, as well as your questions.

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