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11 - Cyber Risk: Insider Threat and Whistleblower Risk Management

‐ Nov 30, 2022 1:00pm

Economic downturns have historically driven an increase in insider threat issues and digital asset risks. Recent Whistleblower issues concerning cyber risks have forced firms to look inwardly in new ways to mitigate security weaknesses. Organizations need a new playbook to prepare following the post-Covid digital footprint expansion and new considerations on materiality and regulatory guidance.

Recent corporate turmoil has shown that cyber and digital asset risk, combined with the human element, are critical to managing material risk issues. Organizations can no longer rely solely on dated technologies like data loss prevention (DLP) and basic access controls to prevent theft, breach of duties, or fiduciary concerns. Join cyber and privacy risk experts Andrew Pak from Perkins Coie and Luke Tenery from StoneTurn for an insightful discussion on insider threat and whistleblower considerations for risk and legal managers for the digital enterprise. Key discussion topics will include insider threat cyber readiness, how insiders are creating weaknesses, and whistle blower obligations in the digital enterprise.